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10 key points to consider if you find yourself in the unenviable position of having a road traffic collision and sustain injuries .

The noise is usually deafening, crunch of metal and the feeling of being rattled around in a cage, sense of confusion and bewilderment followed by the reality of what has happened .

Out of the car you get if able and the discussion with the other motorist , depending on level of injuries, 999 call to emergency services .

Trying to retain focus when you are in shock is very difficult . On occasions key evidence is lost as some witnesses leave the scene without giving their details .  So much to deal with , statements to police , phoning Insurers , undergoing medical checks , getting the car assessed and towed away .

Then the phone calls start from all and sundry including chancers who have got your details somehow and ask “ have you been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault ?”

The public are very irritated by this approach and understandably so .

Here are 10 key points to consider if you find yourself in the unenviable position of having a road traffic collision and sustain injuries .

  1. Ensure you obtain all the other motorists details , if evasive  and they duck and dive at the scene if nothing else ensure you note  the registration plate of the offending vehicle   which is crucial as it will allow us to establish whether the vehicle has valid motor insurance .
  2. Call and report the matter to the Police .
  3. If there are witnesses obtain their contact details . Independent evidence can be extremely important  usually in the context of accidents where liability is accepted at the roadside but later denied by parties Insurers . This scenario happens more than you would think so independent witness evidence corroborating your account can be the difference in a matter being resolved without recourse to Court action .
  4. Take photos of the damage to your car and the other vehicle or vehicles involved . Impact damage on a vehicle tells a story and can help piece the jigsaw together as a narrative as to how the accident occurred . Smart phones take excellent photos .
  5. Try and record any conversation with the other parties involved . Contemporaneous evidence of this kind can be of assistance if there is a subsequent dispute about what was said , again most phones will have this facility to allow you to do it .
  6. If you have sustained injuries that require physiotherapy and follow up treatment please make sure you punctually attend pre arranged appointments and co-operate with the medical services available . Failure to do so can lead to a delay in recovery whichh could impact on any settlement monies as you have a duty to mitigate your losses .
  7. A really hot potato is the psychological trauma that can follow an accident on the roads , getting back behind a wheel can be a very difficult task especially if the accident you were involved in resulted in a death of another party and / or involved you being cut out of the wreckage .  Cognitive Behaviour Therapy sessions with experienced trained professional counsellors can alleviate symptoms of chronic anxiety and phobia of travel .  Sometimes engaging in this treatment can be very traumatic but essential  to aid recovery and a return behind the wheel .
  8. Aside from claiming compensation for your injuries , you will also be able to claim for all of your miscellaneous losses directly attributable to the accident . We encourage clients to keep a pocket diary and note expenses as and when they are incurred and to keep relevant receipts . Loss of earnings is likely to form the largest part of these damages so providing previous P60s and keeping a record of wage slips is key . Other examples but not limited to includes costs of painkillers , car park fees and travelling expenses for attending medical appointments .
  9. If your injuries are so severe that you require care from a family member and / or friend to assist you with getting dressed , undertaking domestic tasks for you then ensure you provide their details to your Solicitor who can obtain the necessary witness evidence from them as you will be able to claim for the care provided .
  10. Instruct a Solicitor who is very experienced and has a proven track record in an area of the law that has become more complex with more motorists  on the road  and seemingly a lack of candour by some parties to admit wrong doing which perpetuates the process and requires somebody experienced to take the fight to their Insurers and to end by using the common vernacular   who is not prepared to be “ messed about “ by wily Insurers .

At Collingbourne Hennah we recover millions of pounds on a yearly basis for injured parties involved in all types of road traffic accidents and have a specific department headed by Andrew Collingbourne for dealing with Catastrophic injuries of the utmost seriousness .

We have an established team of medical experts we use for all types of injuries and psychological trauma together with Care specialists who can look at your care needs and work with others if necessary   to adapt your home to cater for the change in circumstances occasioned by  injuries suffered in the accident concerned .