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10 Top Tips re employer liability claims:

We are noticing a trend re accidents at work for employers insurers to suggest that an accident either hasn't happened or to deny the circumstances.

Some tips to save time later on and avoid this scenario ,

1. Insist on the accident being logged in the Accident Book which every company / business should have if not they are in breach of Health and Safety.

2. Do not rely on anybody else write it out yourself and be happy that the narrative is consistent with the incident.

3. If somebody else writes it because you have injured your hand or whatever only sign and initial the entry of its accurate if it's not do not sign as this will cause problems later on.

4. If there is CCTV ask them to retain it and insist that your request has been logged. It will come as no surprise that favourable CCTV graphically showing and illustrating negligence is invariably taped over which is the favourite old chestnut or misplaced.

5. Insist on your injury being accurately logged in your occupational health records ask to see the entry.

6. If there are witnesses obtain their details including mobile numbers in a fluid workplace people leave and we then have to find them. Witnesses can on occasions be the difference in corroboration so extremely important.

7.Co-operate with any Accident Investigation post incident and request to see its findings.

8. Risk assessments with the ink and print still fresh often emerge when we request disclosure so if you have any doubt following an accident that you do not believe has been properly risk assessed by your employer ask at the time of your accident to see it that saves us viewing retrospective risk assessments that often emerge that we obviously challenge.

9.Equipment that should have been made available often isn't that leads to accidents our friends in the Insurance industry invariably raise this as a defence as employers say the equipment was there etc so at the time of the accident put a grievance at the time about the same .

10.When attending A&E if applicable and you are asked about the injury explain in detail the circumstances and facts as Insurers insist now on viewing the same to view the contemporaneous account you give hospital staff which they invariably try and pick holes in to challenge the facts and circumstances.

If you follow the above you will be in a much better position for us to assist you when we are instructed. #PersonslInjury#CollingbourneHennahLaw